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Lee Chung-Yong visits Bensham Manor School


Crystal Palace midfielder, Lee Chung-Yong, takes some time out of his training schedule to visit the football enthusiasts at Bensham Manor School in Thornton Heath.

Bensham Manor is a special school for young people with a mixture of learning difficulties and Crystal Palace FC Foundation disability lead officer, Michael Harrington, delivers two football sessions in the school once a week. One for the girls in connection with the school and one for the councils LDD youth club- which consists of young people from all ethnic backgrounds, ages and genders.

The partnership is also aided by Croydon Council’s Early Intervention Support Service’s (EISS)- Learning Difficulties and Disabilities Project (LDD) as well as being funded by the Council’s Housing Community Investment Team. Both Council teams share a similar philosophy to the CPFC Foundation: a commitment to supporting all children, young people and families who live, work and play in the local borough in order to enjoy equality of opportunity and realise their full potential.

The Foundation run a comprehensive Disability programme across several local boroughs with the aim of making sport inclusive and representative of the entire community. This is supported by the Premier League/Professional Footballers Fund, which sees a steady investment over a 3-year period into the Foundation’s overall disability programme.

Lee Chung-Yong held a question and answer session with the participants who were keen to know about his footballing background and the differences between playing domestic football in his home country of Korea and now playing for Crystal Palace FC in England.

It was especially rewarding to witness the young people taking inspiration from a Premier League player. Lee Chung-Yong was also kind enough to referee some small-sided games where the young people played in a roll-on roll-off tournament format. This set-up allows all players an equal opportunity to play and emphasises the Foundation’s ethos of inclusivity.

Paul Funnell, from the Croydon Council, commented that before the Foundation was partnered with the school and EISS, some of the children didn’t really enjoy or have an interest in football. He also mentioned that the transformation on the field, in terms of skills learnt, fitness and ability also transcends in to the classroom and youth clubs where participants are displaying greater levels of communication, teamwork and confidence.

Paul also mentioned that these types of sessions are great for raising awareness and dispelling some of the myths surrounding disability. He said: “These sessions are a fantastic way for the children to express themselves. The physical advantages are mirrored by the social benefits and it clear to see that the children are gaining from the weekly interaction on a sports field. There is a noticeable difference in both the children’s physical ability and general self-esteem, which is exceptionally rewarding to see. It is quashing the misconception that children with learning disabilities cannot succeed within sport, these young people are excelling.”

Lee Chung-Yong, Crystal Palace FC, said: “It is great to get out in the community and experience what the Foundation delivers in the local area. It is clear that these sessions make a huge difference to the participants and I hope they continue to enjoy the unique benefits that football can offer for many years to come.”

Zaha visits Oasis Shirley Park


Crystal Palace midfielder and fan favourite, Wilfried Zaha, visited Oasis Shirley Park Junior School with the Crystal Palace FC Foundation this week, in the same Croydon area in which Zaha honed his skills as a youngster.

Zaha was keen to demonstrate that his career began by representing his school playing football – incidentally the first place he was scouted as an 8-year-old – and emphasised the importance of school sport in a young persons development process.

The two year 5 classes got the unique chance to quiz the Palace winger on his career highlights, advice and tips on getting to the top and his aspirations for the future. Zaha, who spoke of his delight to be hitting some consistent form in a Palace shirt, also highlighted the importance of being mentally strong and working hard to overcome obstacles.

Wilfried demonstrated one of his famous skills, the step over, and invited two of the children up to the front to mimic his trick. The children were delighted to be in the company of such a local hero and jumped at the chance to show Zaha how they would perform a step over.

The Crystal Palace FC Foundation delivers a comprehensive programme of physical education in Oasis Shirley, with lead coach Stuart Jacob. This includes PE lessons, lunchtime clubs and after school sports. The Foundation believes that sport should be inclusive and accessible to anyone with an interest in it and try to encourage a healthy lifestyle messages across all aspects of our delivery. The Foundation’s school programme is supported by the Premier League Primary Schools fund.

Wilfried Zaha, commented: “Some of these children remind me of myself when I was a youngster, living and breathing everything football. All I wanted to do at school was play football with my friends in the playground and this undoubtedly was a big part of my professional development. With perseverance, commitment and mental toughness any of these children can take the same pathways I did.”

For more information about the delivery of PE and School Sport in your area please contact:


The CPFC Foundation & L&Q Housing join forces to offer free multisport and creative arts camps these holidays

CPFC Foundation and other London Football Clubs have joined in partnership with L&Q Housing to deliver FREE Multisport and creative arts camps during the May school holidays.

The programmes will run out of various venues across London in L&Q housing stock areas, with open access for children and young people aged 8 – 18 and their family members.

The staff will deliver high quality holiday sports and arts provision, provide opportunities for volunteering, and together with partners, funders and the wider communities in which the CPFC Foundation works with, support children, young people and their family members to become positive active citizens within the local community.

CPFC Foundation believes that young people should have access to positive and challenging activities and experiences as they progress through adolescence into adulthood.

The CPFC Foundation activities for May half term will be from a selection of Multi-sports, boxing and dance.

To register and for more information on all venues, please visit:

CPFC Foundation’s Women and Girls conference proves to be Fantastic, Inspirational, Educational and Informative


The Crystal Palace FC Foundation were delighted yesterday to have a full house at Selhurst Park as we teamed up with the Professional Footballers Association (PFA) and Union Learning Fund (ULF) “Achievement Through Sport” to deliver an inspiring Conference to encourage the next generation of women and young girls that a career in sport is achievable to all.

The conference hosted by CPFC Foundation Trustee Christine Double has a trio of guest speakers – champion weightlifter, Jo Calvino, award winning dance company entrepreneur, Leanne Pero and Reading FC’s Development officer and taekwondo expert, Jay Gilbert, as well as part-host and key note speaker, Sky Sports presenter, Vicky Gomersall.

The architects of the Conference, Crystal Palace FC Foundation Sports Development Director, Gary Mulcahey, Community Development Director, Soye Briggs and the PFA’s Riz Rehman, were keen to demonstrate that pathways in the sport industry are not exclusive to elitist athletes. The Foundation believes that there are numerous sporting opportunities available to young women that are not readily explored and were eager to champion the message that sport can be inclusive to anyone with a passion to be involved in it.

The Conference was funded by the PFA and Union learn ‘Achievement through Sport’ project, which works closely with football clubs and their Foundations to assist them in promoting the learning agenda to the wider community, with Equality & Diversity always a central theme.

The ULF supports union learning projects to transform the lives of their members in developing skills, achieving qualifications and promoting lifelong learning opportunities within the workplace.


The Conference and Workshops reached over 60 female attendees. The Crystal Palace FC Foundation worked with over 3,000 women and young girls across our projects in 2014 and has already trumped that number in engagement figures for 2015. This is a vital part of the Foundation’s core philosophy that sport should be accessible to anyone with an interest and equally represented across both genders.

The structure of the day was broken down in to a morning session, which saw the attendees listen to the background stories of the day’s inspirational guest speakers with a chance to ask questions about their career pathways. Followed by a second round of inspirational speakers, Caroline McRoyal Chief Executive Officer for the Surrey County FA, Janie Frampton, a former Football League Referee and Nadia Hulston, CPFC Foundation’s Youth Solutions Officer, to illustrate how diverse the opportunities are within the sporting arena.

The afternoon session allowed the young attendees to get a better insight in to how Crystal Palace operates on a daily basis and the diverse areas of work the Foundation delivers. These were broken down in to workshops centred around coaching presented by FA skills coach Roxanne Bennett, marketing and communications, community development and enterprise and training skills.

Vicky Gomersall, Sky Sports presenter, commented: “The day was an extremely rewarding way to provide inspiration to young girls who may of easily dismissed a career in sport. The occupational avenues available within the industry are so diverse that it is not just about being physically active or being good at a sport, it is about finding a passion for something and pursuing it with drive and conviction.”

Jo Calvino, champion weightlifter, said: “This conference is testament to will of the Crystal Palace FC Foundation and the PFA to drive more women toward sport. There are many obstacles and barriers within the industry, but that should spur women on to challenge and overcome these. I would encourage all young girls to explore the vast opportunities within sport and find what motivates them to achieve success.”

The PFA / ULF Project Worker Riz Rehman said: “Equality and Diversity is a central theme for our project and it was great to see so many young Women here today. Since 2013 Women footballers in the WPL have enjoyed equal parity with their male counterparts within the PFA, so we are all for promoting inclusion in football and sport in general.”


Congratulations these are the winning bids for the 11 a-side football on the Selhurst Park pitch. Raising money for the CPFC Foundation.




home away


John Salako

– Bid £100 Mike Ball
Defender Left Back
– Bid £000
Defender Centre Back
– Bid £200 Steven Cowell
Defender Centre Back
– Bid £100 Daniel Sinfield
Defender Right Back
– Bid £125 Tom East
Midfield Left
– Bid £100 Martin Batten
Midfield Centre
– Bid £160 Marcus Alcindor
Midfield Right
– Bid £160 Darrell Ditchburn
– Bid £400 Dean Child
– Bid £180 Callum Buchan
– Bid £180 Luke Roberts

Total = £1,805.00


Darren Powell

– Bid £100 Richard Beeson
Defender Left Back
– Bid £100 Dan Vale
Defender Centre Back
– Bid £305 Gareth Howes
Defender Centre Back
– Bid £100 Sam Marden
Defender Right Back
– Bid £100 Mark Phillippo
Midfield Left
– Bid £100 Dave Williams
Midfield Centre
– Bid £100 Greg Flemming
Midfield Right
– Bid £180 Kevin Panther
– Bid £180 Michael Pudney
– Bid £100 Perry Pratt
– Bid £100 Stefano Sileo

Total = £1,465.00


Congratulations to all the successful bidders displayed above who have fought off the competition to win their coveted spot in the CPFC Foundation Charity match, taking place at Selhurst Park, 29th May, 1.30pm kick-off.

An email has been sent directly to all the winners, with special congratulations to Dean Child for the Home side and Gareth Howes for the Away side who will be captaining their respective teams.

The winning bids will need to be settled 24 hours prior to the game and can be paid via credit/debit card by ringing the CPFC Foundation office on: 020 8768 6047. All proceeds will go towards the official Crystal Palace FC charity – the Crystal Palace FC Foundation – in support of their wider community programme.

All players must bring appropriate footwear (football boots – moulded or screw in studs – and shin pads must be worn). If you are part of John Salako’s side you will be wearing the home strip of red and blue, and if you are part of Darren Powell’s team you will be wearing the away kit of yellow and blue.

Parking will be available in the ground, please enter via the main entrance. We advise all players to arrive at 12pm. Players will need to enter via Entrance 11 in the main stand. The dressing rooms will be open from 12.45pm.

Any spectators will have free access to the ground where refreshments will be available. Please use the Wright and Bright bar entrance in the main stand.

To pay your outstanding bid please click here »

American Soccer meets English Football

From the SST, Maryland.

Sergio’s Soccer Training (SST) is an American Soccer Academy based in Baltimore, Maryland. Sergio Flores, former player of Crystal Palace U.S.A, is their head coach. The academy travels yearly to foreign countries to play against local teams and clubs to take in the culture and learn from a different style of football. In 2014 the team traveled to Argentina to play against River Plate, Chacarita Jrs, as well as other local youth teams.

This year the SST Team traveled to London, England. Sergio reached out to local teams in the London area. Rob Perrett from Crystal Palace, the Sports Development Manager, was willing to host the American side at the Crystal Palace Sports Center. Rob set up a mini tournament against the pre-academy and local trialists for the CPFC side. The American side also played against other U12 teams from Kings Hill FC, Tonbridge FC, and Loass FC.

On March 30th we played the 9v9 mini tournament at the CPFC facility. After the tournament the CPFC staff thanked everyone for participating and awarded medals to the SST side.

The players were in awe of the award and thankful for the opportunity to play against a Premier League pre academy side.

We would like to thank Rob and his staff for the great experience and hospitality. The American players walked away with a better appreciation of the English style of play and impressed with the kindness and support of the CPFC organisation.

We would like to thank the CPFC coaches/players/ staff for the amazing experience and memorable moments for our players.