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Downs’ Syndrome team trials Alice the Eagle!

15644665_10211343253037099_1290521670_nGroup Photo of the Down’s syndrome Eagles with CPFC Mascot Alice the Eagle

Alice the Eagle turns up unannounced at a Downs’ Syndrome Eagles session!

We put Alice through her paces and we’re glad to say she is welcome back any time! Alice had to hop, skip and sprint to keep up with some of our football players and they nearly left her in the dust! Our friend Sophia from DS ACTIVE also came down to watch some of our fancy footwork.

A normal weekly session for the Down’s Syndrome football team was brought to a pause as Alice the Eagle stepped into the room. All the players were stunned and eagle-eyed as the club mascot turned up!

The DS Eagles warmly welcomed Alice in to the drills; some players took it upon themselves to make sure Alice was learning some of the skills that the players could do too – practising our movement with the football and dribbling in and out the cones. Alice the Eagle was so impressed that when it was her turn she nearly fell over! Alice would have been left behind if it weren’t for the help of the DS Players helping her learn.

It turns out Alice the Eagle came down to watch our players showcase their skills and techniques after hearing how well we have been performing of late.

After the dribbling Alice volunteered to go in goal, which all of the players loved. Safe to say all the players managed to score some fantastic goals against the Eagle, although, to be fair, we had been practising shooting last week!

The players enjoyed every minute of the session and we would like to welcome Sophia and Alice back to the session whenever they like in the future.

For more information about our Down’s Syndrome team please contact or phone the Crystal Palace FC Foundation office on 0208 768 6047.

Safeguarding letter to Partners


Download the “Safeguarding letter to Partners”

PL Girls fixture report

PL girls football
Woodcote High v Wallington Girls

On Thursday 8th December we held our first PL Girls Football Inter Satellite event of the year. Woodcote High played hosts to Wallington Girls in a 5aside fixture.


Emma Lawrence, Women and Girls Coach, CPFC Foundation said “It’s great to provide the girls with the opportunity to play in a match and build on their weekly sessions. To see so many players involved in the programme and enjoying playing football is fantastic”


Amy Potkins, Woodcote High PE Teacher “It was a pleasure to be involved and it’s great to see the girls that haven’t had opportunity to play previously be given a chance through the initiative. They really enjoyed it”


Leesa Haydock, Crystal Palace Ladies Player “It’s brilliant to be able to support the PL Girls programme that the CPFC Foundation are running and see so many girls given an opportunity to play. Perhaps we might have the next Palace Ladies player playing here today!”

Thank you to all the participants, teachers and coaches for making the event a huge success.

For information on the PL Girls Football sessions please contact Emma Lawrence

PL4sport Basketball

Woodcote High
Wallington Girls
Carshalton Boys


On Friday 25th November CPFC Foundation held our first PL4Sport Basketball Inter Satellite event. Young people from 3 satellite clubs came together to play a match and for the girls it was their first ever match experience.

Roxanne Bennett, Sports Development Officer CPFC Foundation said “It’s great to provide the young people with the opportunity to build on their weekly sessions. The event highlighted the impact PL4Sport has on the boys and girls and it is a pleasure to be part of a great initiative”


Maria Endacott-Heser, Croydon Elite Coach “It was a pleasure to be involved with such a great initiative and I really look forward to future games. To see so many young women involved in a new sport is just fantastic – and I think they really enjoyed the experience”

Thank you to all the participants, teachers, coaches and volunteers for making the event a huge success.
For information on the PL4Sport sessions please contact Roxanne Bennett

PL4sport Golf

palace v saints


On Saturday 3rd December The Oaks Golf Course played hosts to CPFC Foundation’s first PL4SportGolf competition. We welcomed participants from Southampton FC Foundation to take part in the Inter Club Golf event.

Roxanne Bennett, Sports Development Officer CPFC Foundation said of the day “Saturday was a huge success. We brought 7 young people together to experience a variety of golf challenges; a tricky 4-hole Streetgolf course and their first experience of a par 3 course”


Tom Grevatt, Football and Sport Development Project Officer Southampton FC “It was a fantastic opportunity for 4 of our golf students from our Cantell School session, to play in a street golf fixture with another Premier League team. Crystal Palace were great hosts, and there was some great golf being played. The concept of street golf is fantastic, and the opportunity to play on pretty much any facility and in the ‘streets’ was a big attraction to our participants. They thoroughly enjoyed it. I am sure the players will remember this event for years to come, and will continue to play golf.”

The CPFC Foundation runs weekly sessions at The Oaks, Carshalton and Farleigh, Warlingham on Mondays 4pm-5pm

For information on these sessions please contact Roxanne Bennett

PL4sport Boxing

Skills and Fitness


Monday 5th December – Harris Orpington

Boxing4schools delivered the 2nd all female Skills and Fitness event. Girls have been attending weekly sessions working on a number of skills and fitness activities which included speed skipping, press ups, sit ups and team combination work

Miss Chloe Bush Head of PE Langley Park School for Girls said “It was great to see girls being so competitive in the big event they have worked hard at for the last 6 weeks. So many of these girls don’t engage with the traditional sports so it was really good to find something to hook them in with”


Roxanne Bennett, Sports Development Officer CPFC Foundation said “I was really impressed with the whole event, the girls were amazing and it shows how hard they have been working over the last term. Wayne Llewellyn, Boxing4Schools founder, and his team have really made an impact on these young women’s’ lives. I’m looking forward to next year and the progress they will make”

Thank you to all schools involved, Charles Darwin, Langley Park, Wilmington, Harris Bromley and Harris Orpington

For information on the PL4Sport sessions please contact Roxanne Bennett

CPFC statement

Crystal Palace Football Club would like to place on record its support for all the footballers who have come forward to report allegations of sexual abuse in the sport.

To date we have received no reports or evidence of any incidents of this nature either in our academy or wider organisation. Should anyone be aware of any instances of abuse that have taken place at Crystal Palace Football Club or you have been a victim yourself we urge you to report it to the police.

Additionally The FA have established an NSPCC helpline on 0800 0232642, which offers professional advice and support.

We are fully aware of our duty of care and we are committed to ensuring that our safeguarding procedures are up to date with recognised best practice and conform to all statutory requirements as well as FA, Premier League and Football League rules.