About Us

We help young South Londoners grow through the power of sport, inspiring them to find a better path in life, for a better life.
We believe that everyone matters, irrespective of race, religion, beliefs or background. And by giving extra support to the most vulnerable, we will help create a better community and society.

• We are brave: we’re not afraid to speak out or to extend a hand.
• We are active and full of energy.
• We believe that a healthy heart and mind go a long way to achieving happiness.
• By caring for our circle we can create a better community and society.

• Active, healthy young people.
• Ready for work, ready for life.
• A safer, more inclusive community.

We channel our efforts on programmes where the ‘Power of Palace’ makes a difference and sets us apart from alternative providers. These include:

• Primary Stars
• Women and Girls
• Disability
• Community football / Kicks
• Route to employment
• Targeted interventions for young people at risk
• Enterprise skills
• Re-engagement in sport
• Holiday courses and elite centres
• Football academies
• Active Eagles: adult health