Fitter Fans Programme

The Eagles Fitter Fans programme concentrates on Men’s Health and well-being for over 30’s. In recent years we have worked with over 250 fans and due to popular demand from external agencies, we are now welcoming men over the age of 30 from the local community who are committed to the programme.

It is forecast that the failure of national agencies to address the general health problems of adult males will see 36% of men over the age of 35 obese in the UK by 2015. We wish to reverse this trend.

We have two strands to the Eagle Fitter Fans Programme;

  • 10 week Introductory Programme
  • Weekly Football Sessions

The 10-week introductory programme consists of a 2 hour weekly session free of charge. Each session has an informative workshop and fitness session with a weigh in and waist measure. The workshops differ each week and are built around; intake: salt sugar & fats, food labels, smoking, alcohol consumption, fluid intake, physical activity, Q & A session with current first team and ex-players, men’s overall health.

The fitness sessions are varied to provide participants with diversity and introduce new approaches and dynamic ways in which people can remain active. Activities include; swimming, circuits, walking football, gym inductions, Goals 5-a-side, spinning classes, basketball and futsal. Participants have flagged up many bonuses to the programme; one of the most abundant is the social element. We provide like-minded individuals with the forum to meet new people, who have similar common interests and enjoy working together to aid each other in the attainment of common goals.

To date:

  • 7 separate clubs have run
  • 256 Supporters have enrolled
  • Participants have lost 1,211 pounds in weight
  • 86% of participants have completed course
  • Over 30 Million steps have been taken in the pedometer challenge
  • The Fitter Fans travelled to Holland in May 2014 to play 2 games supported by the CPFC Foundation


Mike Hawley, Fitter Fan: “Attending the 10 week programme has changed my life around, I now take notice of what I am eating and try to stay healthy. I have recently got my bike fixed and am cycling everywhere instead of driving short distances! As a result, I have lost more weight than I imagined I could- but most of all, I have enjoyed it!”


Stephen Way, Fitter Fan: “I have been so encouraged to give something back to the Foundation that in December I took part in a Foundation based incentive to cycle from Brighton to Crystal Palace and raise approx. £1000 for the Foundation – which I feel is just rewards for what EAGLES FITTER FANS and the CRYSTAL PALACE FC FOUNDATION have given me.”