Mission Statement


We are here to make a difference in our local community. In doing so, we want to represent all that is good is about south London; its pride, passion and diversity. This means never losing sight of what has made Palace such a great club over the last 111 years or ever losing touch with our core fan-base. We aim to make them proud of what we are doing in their name. South London and Proud!

Our work is concentrated on 4 target boroughs, Croydon, Bromley, Sutton and Lambeth, with satellite sites further afield of London. We feel that it is a privilege to have our home in Selhurst Park, north Croydon, and we work very closely with Croydon Council, local schools, its strong voluntary sector and the many inspiring individuals, faith and community organisations who are all contributing to its future success.

With Crystal Palace FC a fully established Premier League Club, we would like to mirror this achievement in our local community and are committed to being one of the best Football Foundations in the southern region. Testament to this, the Foundation were the proud recipient of two nationally recognised awards in 2015 and details of these can be found on the ‘national awards’ page.

Our key aims are:

Growing the game/quality sporting provision for all: As part of south London’s biggest football club and we have a responsibility to help inspire people of all ages and backgrounds through. We will do this by providing affordable and high quality football coaching across a wide area of south London and beyond. Generating income from commercial activities such as football camps will enable us to subsidise activities in other areas. Actively supporting grassroots football clubs, we are also extremely well placed to help coordinate and link with other organisations representing a multitude of sports to provide wider access. Promoting the Olympic and Paralympic legacy, we also want to widen the participation of groups of people who are under-represented in sport in our key communities such as women and girls, people with disabilities and older people.

New programmes for 2016: Premier League 4 Girls, Premier League 4 Sport (including golf, table tennis, boxing and basketball) and a new programme for over 55s.

Supporting children’s development: We want to contribute to the development of children growing up in our community. We have developed strong partnerships with approximately 60 local primary/secondary schools and voluntary organisations to provide services such as mentoring and pastoral support for children growing up in difficult circumstances. Alongside this, our resident school coaches support Citizenship and PHSE curriculum activities as well more traditional football and physical education sessions. Ultimately our aim is to become a small education provider in our own right.

Raising aspirations and broadening the horizons of young people: Our youth engagement programmes have received national recognition and we have an excellent track record of engaging with young people from deprived neighbourhoods. Using football as the hook, our programmes promote wider personal development via one to one mentoring, access to formal qualifications and volunteering. Our commitment to supporting our coaching base was recently recognised at L&Q’s resident housing association awards, where Jamie Broughton was honoured with a ‘Best Young Person’ award. Some of our best youth workers originally started off as project participants which include young adults released from prison or involved in the criminal justice system. We are well placed here and have developed strong partnership links with major social landlords who work in our community.

Routes into education, training and employment: We recognise that we have an extremely important role to play as a ‘connector’ between young people, local business and the wider economy and have a strong track record of linking local people with the community sports sector. This includes tapping in to the entrepreneurial talent and skills of many young people we work with and unlocking their potential. We now have a full-time Education, Training and Employment Manager who is dedicated to providing pathways for children to succeed within the wider world of education and bridging the gap between young people and the job market.

Programmes for 2016: Premier League Enterprise Challenge, Premier League Enterprise Academy, Aspire II and our fresh look Volunteering Programme.

Promoting Health and Well-being: Programmes like our Fitter Fans and Extra Time which take place at Selhurst Park have been really successful at engaging with fans, and plans for 2016 will expand our Health programme to engage with a wider demographic of people. Our Healthy Lifestyles programme in association with the Sutton Council has increased health awareness among local schools, its children and their parents. Our role is as educator as well as instructor, giving our local communities both the knowledge and the means to live a fit and healthy lifestyle.